Cyber Crime will never happen to me? better read on

Cyber Crime will never happen to me? Better read on…

Cyber Crime Will Never Happen to me

In 2016 small businesses started to get targeted for cyber attacks. Malta has a vast amount of small businesses that are not protected.

According to the latest statistics released by cyber security firm Symantec, more than half (52.4%) of spear phishing attacks, carried out using fake emails – carried out in December last year were against SMEs, with November showing a massive spike.

One of the most dangerous phrases used by small businesses is: “It’ll never happen to us.”

“The latest UK Government Security Breaches Survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of small organisations reported a security breach in the last year; an increase on the 2013 and 2014 survey. SMEs are now being pinpointed by digital attackers.”

Hackers take advantage of the situation of small businesses limited resources when it comes to protecting their data. That they don’t have the same defences within IT and human resources that larger organisations do and valuable customer information and intellectual property can be nicked.

“I was aware of the increasing threat to both our clients and our business from hackers and cybercrime, but I’m not a techie, so I didn’t really know what to do about it. I found out that around 80% of cyber breaches could be stopped by adopting some of the basics,”

Learn the basics today, it will save your business and livelihood, adopt the basics today.

Cost effective
training for business owners to understand and protect themselves is available in Malta

Summary by
Margareta Zaveri - Enterprise Risk Manager Malta