The Cyber Security Password Risks

The Cyber Security Password Risks


Passwords are our worst nightmare but we need them for logging into everything that contains sensitive data. We can never think of something different when we need to, and if we do, we inevitably forget what it is!

So what do we do? We use something easy for us to remember, but that’s the problem – if it’s easy for us, it’s most likely going to be easy for a hacker to unravel too!

Across the world there are around 3.5 billion users online and it is estimated that 1.2 billion accounts have already been victim to hackers.

Yet people are still using passwords that are so simple and ridiculously easy to ‘guess’ that they are basically leaving a door open for those with malicious intent, and they’re doing it with both personal and work logins.

A list has recently been released, gathered from stolen data records, that shows the worst passwords that are actually being used by people today, and unbelievably, “123456” is still the most widely used password, with “password” coming in at second place! Here are a few more ‘unbelievables’ from that list;

• qwerty
• abc123
• letmein
• 12345678
• login
• welcome
• qwertyuiop

Experts believe that the use of such unsafe codes has led to the increased number of cyberattacks we are seeing today, simply because hackers don’t have to “crack” them. They too see these compiled lists, and the passwords on them become their first attempts at accessing accounts.

As a business you have to educate your employees about cyber security and the importance of good passwords. You should implement good practice and procedures to back this up, with guidelines such as;

• regularly changing passwords
• using a mix of numeric and alphabetic characters, both upper and lower case
• choosing combinations that don’t resemble words
• have different logins for each system and application

If you don’t, you are making yourself an easy target for hackers. The consequence for your business could be costly, inconvenient and at worst, fatal.

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