Being held to Ransom for your Mobile

Being held to Ransom for your Mobile


As cyber-crime increases, so do the number of attacks on mobile phones. Mobile ransomware attacks are huge!

The risk is greater though, if you are an android user. Windows and iPhones are attacked 10 times less than android phones and much of this is due to retailers selling cheap handsets that are unable to install software updates – something that Google is aware of!

There was a recent case where users of android phones were being hit with lockscreen ransomware that said it was from a Police Cyber Crime Unit. The scam had all the convincing logo’s and detail you would expect, including contacts from their address book, pictures of the users and a crime number, that led the victims to believe it was legitimate.

The message that came with the ransomware told the user that they were accused of viewing, storing or sharing banned pornography (children, zoophilia, rape, etc). To unlock their phone, and prevent selected contacts of theirs being questioned, they must pay a “fine” of 200 dollars.

This played on people not wanting to be accused or associated with this type of activity, even though it wasn’t true, and as they really thought it was from the police, many paid up! The sheer thought of the embarrassment it could cause was a major player in the hackers getting paid from this scam.

Anyone who pays a ransom will not get their money back – these hackers are generally from overseas and are almost impossible to prosecute.

These attacks on mobiles are inconvenient to say the least. To keep your risks low make sure you install system updates, don’t access websites, install apps or open links you aren’t sure about.

And if you do fall victim to an attack, the best thing to do is turn off your phone and re-boot it in safe mode. Find the application that’s the issue, delete it and then re-start your phone. If this doesn’t work, or you aren’t confident in doing it, seek expert advice.

Don’t pay a ransom – unless you like to give money away for free!

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