Even the best Firewall might not protect you from a Ransomeware attack!

Even the best Firewall might not protect you from a Ransomeware attack!


Ransomeware is a type of malware that can virtually kidnap your data.

An attacker can encrypt your information, rendering you unable to open your files to access your data, and the only way they will “undo” this process, is if you pay them a specified sum of money, normally through an online route.

So to sum it up, they literally “lock” your computer system and hold you to ransom before they release the “key”!

Initially targeting individuals, it has now moved, in a big way, to the more lucrative systems of businesses. And the criminals have found it to be incredibly profitable!

“Why?” you may ask.
Well, if you are a business owner and your data isn’t backed up – what would you do in this instance?

Even an FBI Agent is said to have commented that victims are sometimes just advised to pay the ransom, as their options are very limited!

And around 40% of UK businesses have experienced some kind of Ransomeware attack.

Without backups, the victim’s only option could be to pay up – either that or risk losing their business.

This type of attack is sometimes sent in the form of email attachments, but can also happen by you innocently accessing a program or website that has been infected with this malicious malware. But it doesn’t stop there. There are a number of ways that attackers cleverly attempt to get money from victims and they are getting more and more sophisticated.

So, what’s the answer? Can we really protect ourselves to totally avoid this type of attack?

Well, experts say that one way to protect yourself is to back it up! Back up your data securely and regularly!

And if you’re not sure – seek professional advice!

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