Small businesses need to stay ahead against Cyberattacks in 2016

Small businesses need to stay ahead against Cyberattacks in 2016


The risk of small businesses being hacked is significantly increasing and sooner or later you or your competitor will be attacked.

As companies increasingly rely on emerging technologies and data, the risk becomes ever more likely and the consequences can be totally devastating for a small business.

Last year the reality of cybercrime reached new levels with governments, large corporates and enterprises, as well as start-ups and SME’s, being attacked and the breaches of customers’ sensitive data was huge.

Research has shown that over 70% of attacks are on small businesses. Their lack of security and monitoring makes them easy targets for hackers. Many business owners are unaware of the risks, or choose to ignore them, but they could be signing their own death warrant with the estimated cost to a small business starting around €75,000!

The way forward is education. Both staff and directors need to be made aware of others mistakes and learn about the industry best practices. Budgets need to made realistic for the provision of cybersecurity and bringing in the experts will most definitely cost a lot less than what you could lose in the long run.

The need for proper security in 2016 is paramount. The sharing of sensitive data digitally is continually increasing and so are the threats, so we have to understand them, or get advice from someone who does, in order to prevent a breach.

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