Social Networking and Cyber Risks

Social Networking and Cyber Risks


We are living in a time where intellectual property is being stolen at an alarming rate.

Our ever growing obsession with sharing information, be it personal or business, is one of the reasons it is easier for the IP thieves to steal this data, but how do we know what to and what not to post on the internet?

Sharing our personal life, social life and business information on social media has become a new way of life. Businesses see it as a way of communicating with customers, collaborating with suppliers and generating new business, but is it a bigger risk than we think? Being victim to an attack is as damaging for individuals as it can be for the company they work for.

For many years we lived by the rule of only sharing information on a “need to know” basis. We were cautious about giving too much information away to our enemies or competitors, but the internet has changed all that.

We are now living with the daily threat of our information being stolen in this war over data. Criminal gangs and hackers are targeting employee and customer data – this intellectual property is very valuable to them. They can piece together small pieces of what we see as harmful personal data and use it to target facilities, individuals and organisations.

The more information you post, the more vulnerable you become.  Those innocent personal details can be used to trick people you have links with, into divulging further information about you, giving access to your restricted areas or even downloading some malware that will attack your system.

The message, is that we must become more knowledgeable about the risks our profiles on the web can pose. Your vulnerability increases with every post you make that contains your information. The personal information shared has to be limited and thought needs to be given before sharing such things as names and details of co-workers, family and friends, job titles, locations and interests.

You have to be more aware that your business links, customers and partners could in fact be a threat to your security – they can unknowingly pass on your information, even if you have a good level of security in place. 

And maybe, just maybe we will all re-apply that rule of yesteryear and only share our information on that “need to know” basis!

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