Have you a Cyber Security Plan of Action?

Have you a Cyber Security Plan of Action?


As Cyber security attacks increase, so does the probability of your business or even personal information being hacked.

And if it is, what would be your plan of action? How would you seek to minimise the impact and recover from something like that?

The data you hold is the basis of your business. There is much more at risk than just credit card numbers and the hackers are targeting every element they see as being profitable – company secrets, legal and financial documents, intellectual property, customer and employee records. Loss of or access to this data can be extremely detrimental to your business!

Breaches and attacks of cyber information have to be reported, so having a plan of action is a must! Called cyber security incident response plans (CSIRP’s), these strategies include everything from the security in place to reduce the risk to the processes to be followed in restoring your records.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  ― Benjamin Franklin

Whether you seek advice from a cyber security company or do it yourself, you need to be able to deal with it effectively, so a plan needs to have a response for the eight stages of a cyber-security incident (CSI):
• Detection
• Identification
• Analysis
• Notification
• Containment
• Eradication
• Recovery
• Post-incident recovery

For your business to reduce the effect of an attack, detection at a very early stage is essential, hence the start of any plan being with detection.

But you also need to look at 3 elements from which to base your CSIRP on too:
• Preparation – your security solutions and staff training put in place to try to reduce the risk of an attack and subsequent tests or attack re-enactments to ensure you are fully prepared for such an event
• Response - quick identification of an attack, securing data, restoring systems and reporting of the incident to interested parties and authorities
• Plan adjustment – once you have scrutinised the attack in detail, update your security and training to cover the areas you were vulnerable in and hence your plan, regularly review your systems

A plan is never going to be effective if the prospect of an attack and its effect on the business isn’t understood and supported by everyone involved in the business. Management and employees need to be regularly updated with the risks involved and given the appropriate training to combat it, as well as having a good awareness of the CSIRP.

If you’re not confident it preparing a good and making sure you can cope with an attack – call in an expert.

Don’t regret not being prepared!

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