Make a plan today to protect your business

Make a plan today to protect your business.

cyber checklist

These are the simple steps that if followed will improve your defences, protect your assets, data and reputation.

Remember it is much cheaper to put in some protection and reduce risks rather then have to fix problems when you are attacked.

  • Stop finding reason not to start!
  • Conduct an assessment of your cyber risks*
  • Check your external access, how easy is it to get in, organise penetration tests*
  • Check your internal systems, check your networks, Pc’s, Mac’s and other endpoints*
  • Based on what you find above, organise fixes*
  • Organise training for your staff*
  • Make sure you have an incident response plan*, because you will be breached one day.
  • Set up monitoring and reporting systems*.
  • Review your Cyber Security on a regular basis.

*We have Cyber Security Analysis tools, Risk Management and Staff Training Modules that can help you.

You are not on your own, we will help you to make better Cyber Security achievable.

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