Workplace Security Risks from Mobile Device’s

Workplace Security Risks from Mobile Device’s


Mobile devices, especially mobile phones, have become our constant companion, so it’s no surprise that they have found their way into the workplace, and are often used for work related tasks.

And that’s the problem!

We expect our phones to be secure, but we need to take steps to ensure this. It can take as little as 30 seconds for a hacker to access a mobile device and install malware enabling them to access your data whenever they want.

Workers using their own mobile devices can increase productivity as they allow employees to complete tasks whenever they choose, yet they pose an ever increasing risk to a company’s cyber security. As company data is accessed by these devices, the security threats continue to rise with hackers seeing them as a way to cash in on our ignorance.

Breaches of Data via Mobile Devices
The increasing threat to mobile devices can lead to loss of data, breaches to security and violation of regulations, which all have financial implications for a business.

• In 2014 over 1 million records were compromised via mobile devices
• Mobile devices are seen as the No.1 weakest security link
• 25% of all mobile devices encounter a threat each month
• Around 30% of users share sensitive work data using a mobile phone

And mobile phones are the biggest, and fastest growing, threat of all;
• In 2014 there were 9 times more Trojan attacks
• 1 in 5 Android users were victim to a mobile threat
• In 2015 there were 5 times more OS X malware than the combined figure of the previous 5 years
• Basic security tests were failed by 75% of mobile apps

Many people are unaware of the impending threats and many devices generally lack the tools that are easily accessed to help protect them, such as anti-spam, firewalls and anti-virus.
The threats to mobile devices are huge and your business will be vulnerable if you don’t put the right processes in place.

You can reduce the possible risks by taking a number of steps – many that are similar to what you should be doing with your in-house security; risk assessments, creating policies, education, technology updates and continual monitoring, but they need to be in line with the threats specific to the devices.
A good awareness of security and mobile issues can help keep your business and users safe, while allowing you to be competitive in our very mobile society.

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