Business Owners and CIO’s are often unaware they have been hacked!

Business Owners and CIO’s are often unaware they have been hacked!

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Breaches of data in small businesses are taking up to 6 months to be detected.

An excessive number of businesses are not being proactive in securing their systems with proper defences against a cyber security attack and only react once a breach of their data occurs – which is taking from 2 days up to 6 months in some SME’s.

With time being of the essence, in that time a large amount of damage, which may be fatal to a business, could have been done.
Over 80% of CIO’s have admitted to being reactive rather than proactive when it comes to the cyber defences in their organisation. And even when they react after an attack, many are still not 100% sure of what has actually been compromised and how, 24 hours after it has been detected.

Many CIO’s and business owners don’t admit to the fact that they could actually be attacked without knowing anything about it. They don’t have security systems in place, which would make detection easier, so it’s quite surprising they seem to have this belief. Perhaps living in the real world, is not part of their remit?

This attitude is why so many businesses are still being attacked, and exactly the reason why SME’s are still very much on the target list for hackers, who are simply lying in wait for their prey. Businesses are constantly connected to the internet making them increasingly accessible and open to attacks, but the security of systems is not being seen as the priority it should be by SME’s.
Companies really must put processes into practice, not only to protect their systems, but to check for attacks and know what to do if they are attacked. If the business is too small to have a designated person or team, then investing in some external cyber security advice and service has got to be the way forward. Without it many more companies will disappear – recovery from an attack, especially if there are no defences at all, is not always possible!

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